Deanna DeCherney

I would like to share my experience with purchasing real estate in the Philadelphia area.

I live in Maryland and have an apartment at the William Penn House. My purchases began 18 years ago.

When I bought my studio apartment I was living in California, as time went on it became necessary

to buy a one bedroom apartment. Damon was very approachable, he helped me sell the studio and buy

a one bedroom apartment in the same building. About 5 years ago Damon helped me sell the one bedroom

and I then bought a 2 bedroom apartment. Recently the apartment next to mine became available

and Damon once again came to the rescue and secured the one bedroom apartment for me.


He has always been very easy to deal with and has a team that works with him who helps shepherd his

clients through the process of buying property. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the real estate

market. He sold my daughter in laws grandmother her apartment and eventually sold it for her. Damon just

sold my daughter in laws parents their new apartment and is selling their home in the suburbs for them.


Our family has had a long history with Damon and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of

buying or selling property.




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