Client Reviews

Kit B.

‟We could not have asked for better advice or service with respect to the sale and I will be very happy to provide a testimonial. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your team.”

Michael S.

‟Damon, on many occasions, perhaps too many, I have vented to you about my disdain for MOST realtors.  I’ve always been careful to mention that I don’t consider you as part of that group.  You are special, unique and one of a kind. You are a professional in every sense of the word.  You are not just good at what you do, you are excellent.  Your demeanor is perfect for the many tasks you and your staff perform.  I take nothing for granted and always appreciate your efforts on our behalf.  As Dana said to me “you and your staff worked hard on this deal”.This sale would not have happened without you and your team.  We thank you (and them) very much for making it happen and for shepherding us through the process. Although I don’t always agree with you, when you disagree you do so with class and respect.  As Dana said you don’t “push” or impose your beliefs or position on your clients.  You certainly didn’t with me. I also appreciate your sense of humor and ability in your own way from keeping me off the ledge and yes, occasionally calm me down. Thanks again.  With appreciation, Dana and Michael” Read More ▾

Judith J.

‟Damon Michels is unique among realtors. He listens! His reassuring calm and quiet demeanor, in addition to his extensive real estate knowledge guides you through the often anxiety ridden journey of relocating your life. He listens to your needs, specifications, priorities and expectations. You begin to receive daily property availabilities, which reflect the result of Damon's expertise and sensitivity to your criteria. He was able to present tasteful and thoughtful recommendations, because he is perceptive, caring and has excellent judgement. Damon ... listens. I would also like to praise Damon's team. Everyone was accessible, friendly and professional, promptly responding to questions and demands. I believe Damon Michels is the best realtor in this area, for all the reasons I have stated, but especially, because ... he listens!” Read More ▾

William G.

‟We selected Damon Michels to sell our home. His experience in our local market was apparent from the start. Damen came to our initial meeting prepared with a sound strategy built on supporting research. There was no time wasted and we never felt we were competing with Damen’s other transactions. The listing was assembled and ready for open houses within a few days. Our home was under agreement within the day of hitting the market, above our asking price. Real estate transactions are laden with details and the experience of Damen’s team helped us bridge the time between sale and closing. We benefited from an excellent team supporting us throughout the entire transaction. Damon is a highly successful realtor and an important voice in the local real estate business. This, however, did not prevent him from being available to us when we needed advice or an update on the transaction. We never felt unimportant or abandoned. Damen sells a lot of houses. We discovered why when he sold ours.” Read More ▾

Heather L.

‟They helped me when I was just looking for my daughter, and were really honest about what I should AND SHOULD NOT do -- which mattered.”

Michelle M.

‟We found Damon Michels office to be competent and aware of new trends in real estate and they know how to strategize. We really enjoyed working with their team in selling our house.”

Terri W.

‟Excellent. Current Listing was sold in 8 days!!!! Always a step ahead of others. Always well informed, always professional. Process from start to finish is smooth, seamless & efficient. Always answers the phone which is a rare commodity today.”

Peter W.

‟I had my condo on the market for 13 months, with only one bite. I changed realtors and went with Damon in early August. In less than three months my property was sold and closed. His staff was great and easy to work with. Overall, a great experience.”

Ellen & Bennett

‟Over the years, my wife and I have bought and sold in the neighborhood of 10 homes. What we've learned is that the single most important decision in this process is your choice of realtor. I can't emphasize this enough. Track record matters and will be the deciding factor in how well your real estate transaction reaches fruition. Having made every mistake in the book, I can tell you that the best decision we ever made was hiring the Damon Michels Team for our most recent sell. You look at the headlines and see that housing is slowing, prices are collapsing, mortgage rates are skyrocketing. All of this may be true, but there is still demand out there, and some realtors will use changing conditions as an excuse. Damon's team, and his winning brand, resulted in us receiving a full price offer after only three days on the market. We were stunned in the best way possible. The recipe for success is simple: Listen to Damon, listen to Damon, listen to Damon.” Read More ▾

Randy S.

‟Outstanding Realtor! Knowledgeable and professional with amazing skills. Damon understands the market, he is honest and realistic. He will find you what you want and knows what your property is worth. It was truly a privilege to work with Damon and his outstanding team!”

Julianne D.

‟Henry is an exceptional real estate agent. He worked really hard to find us the perfect home. He was always attentive, accommodating, and patient. He gave us very sound advice and guidance. We couldn't have asked for more and we're thrilled to have a trusted realtor to work with now!”

Justin H.

‟Working with Henry has been an absolute joy. He communicates professionally, responds to questions quickly, and listens to exactly what his clients are looking for. He always let us know about new properties that might be a good fit the moment they landed on his desk. I could not recommend Henry highly enough, and have never met a real estate agent who works harder for his clients.” Read More ▾

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