Moving With Teens

Teens will still love you after you tell them you’re moving to a new house. Even if it’s just to another school district, the move will upset your teen’s sense of balance. You can keep drama to a minimum by listening to their concerns, finding solutions together and inviting them to join in the process.

Let them know early. Let your family know a move is coming before you go home-shopping or put your home up for sale. Teens will be upset by moving away from friends, activities and familiar surroundings, so it’s best to give them time to get used to the idea. Wait until they’re no longer upset to share more information about the move.

Let them vent.  Teens can feel powerless, so let them voice their feelings of anger, fears and sadness. Agree that it’s going to be challenging for everyone in the household, and that you’ll do your best to help them make the transition as easily as possible.

Let them make choices. As you shop for homes online, let them look alongside you. Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional will show you the company’s website with homes for sale, school and neighborhood information, and interesting statistics about your new area. Find amenities with Waze or Google Maps on your laptop or phone.

Let them contribute. When you’ve narrowed the selection, take your child to see the top three contenders. Being able to choose a bedroom or have a vote in which home to buy will help the adjustment.

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